Our Services

KONZEN Clean Energy is committed to providing end-to-end turnkey solution to harvest, capture, scrub the impurities and upgrade the biogas. It provides more effective wastewater treatment solutions, as well as reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions. We offer a wide range of professional services including:

Project feasibility study

Project design and build

Existing biogas plant retrofitting

Biogas scrubber and biogas utilization

Biogas upgrading and compression

Biogas plant operation, maintenance and monitoring

Project financing on build, own and operate (BOO/ BOT) basis

As an engineering and technology-based company, we are able to design and build both tank and covered lagoon anaerobic digester based on the specific volume and characteristic of the wastewater or palm oil mill effluent (POME). Our technology package includes a pre-anaerobic, closed anaerobic degradation and post-anaerobic treatment aimed at improving the quality of discharged POME. Biogas recovered from our anaerobic digester containing about 60% of methane hence, it has the potential to generate electricity and heat as a renewable energy source.

KONZEN Clean Energy is also capable to compress and upgrade the biogas to biomethane where it has higher energy content. Upgrading of biogas gained more attention globally due to the uncertain price of fossil fuel and also the increasing targets for renewable energy quotes in many countries.

KONZEN Clean Energy is continuously exploring investment opportunities on BOO/BOT projects with our customer. We are able to provide BOO/BOT projects for biogas to power generation, biogas upgrading and liquefaction as well. We welcome any interested parties to contact us to conduct the project feasibility studies.