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Who Are We

KONZEN GROUP is a leading water and wastewater treatment company in Asia, with its head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company was established in the 1980′ to provide comprehensive solutions to the water an wastewater treatment industry and is now owned by a group of successful Asian entrepreneurs. Our operations are currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Kuching in Malaysia, as well as Tianjin and Shanghai in China.

In 2007, KONZEN GROUP branched out to embark on an ambitious plan to diversify our core business, and began investing in the research and development for renewable energy technologies. This was accomplished with the construction and completion of our first Biogas Plant, from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME). This plant is owned by a wholly owned subsidiary, KONZEN CLEAN ENERGY.

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Our new ambition in renewable energy research and development is a further expansion of our efforts in environment protection, and it is done side-by-side with the continuation to develop solutions and approaches with unique technologies, for effective treatment of wastewater stream with high organic content.

This is realized with the results from research and development in our own proprietary engineered close anaerobic tank digester with Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) technology – a robust system which serves as the base of our renewable energy development endeavors, that effectively captures biogas generated from variety of sources, including palm oil mils, sewage treatment plants and brewery, which can be refined and utilized as a renewable energy source.


To become the leader in the Southeast Asian region in organic wastewater management and renewable energy development.


Our mission as a socially responsible business dedication to environmental protection is guided by our following core values.

  • Integrity

    To always be honest and use ethical means in our business dealings, and provide efficient and cost-effective solution for our customers, as well as creating a productive and happy workplace for employees.

  • Collaboration

    To work closely with our customers and deliver the best as promised, as well as to working closely with some of the world’s most renowned and advanced applied R&D communities, through effective management and creative thinking.

  • Knowledge

    To continuously improve our knowledge base and engineer tomorrow’s competencies, inspiring innovation and creativity through technology incubation and gathering necessary talents within the field of renewable energy research and development.

  • Commitment

    To contribute to the creation of a greener environment and the society, by commercializing cutting-edge technologies and our know-how in enhancing sustainability, as well as maximizing long-term returns to shareholders.

  • Excellence

    To maintain our leading position in water management and treatment, as well as renewable energy development industry, by continuously challenging the unknown and striving to serve the best of products and services.


Interest in wastewater to wealth technologies and processes has increased in recent years due to global concerns of the need to produce clean and renewable energy. KONZEN wastewater to wealth systems do not only treat plant effluent to meet regulatory discharge standards but also transform a business to become more sustainable. This is achieved by reducing plant running costs and deriving additional income from high-value energy production.

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